Why It Needs Fixing


You can typically raise your concrete for less than half the price of replacing the concrete slab. Fixing the problem now can save you the major expense of replacing it later.


Your slab problems will only worsen in time. Settling concrete can create further issues by amplifying drainage issues. Fixing it now can avoid major hassles later. Raising concrete with polyurethane foam often takes a couple of hours and the concrete is ready immediately upon completion.


Trip hazards can harm you and your family and potentially leave your property vulnerable to unwanted liability.


Eye sores and additional structural cracks can be the result of settled concrete. If you are trying to sell your home, a first impression is everything to a home buyer.

Home Value

Part of your home value is determined by the condition of your home. Settled or unlevel concrete is a sign of deferred maintenance. Concrete conditions will only deteriorate further and cost more with time.

Structural Damage

When a concrete slab settles, doors and windows begin to stick and structures connected to the slab start to settle and crack.

Water Damage

Water follows the path of least resistance. A settled or sunken driveway may guide water towards the home instead of away from it. More water towards the home may create water seepage and foundation issues. This can end up costing a homeowner considerable money in foundation repairs over time.

Be Green

By raising your concrete, you are saving your current slab from being torn out and deposited in a landfill.